How to Give a Lap Dance - The Ending

One of the best things about learning how to give a lap dance is that you get to control where and when the dance ends. The first key is to learn to lap dance, once this is out the way you will quickly learn how to dictate the pace, what happens and most importantly how the performance ends. Don't believe me, learn for yourself and see, I know the truth ;-).

The first few times I performed for my husband I really was very nervous and whilst the lap dancing did end well, I could have done better to control the ending/activities after. But once you really learn the basics, you will soon realise how to not only dictate how the dance goes but what happens to finish the lap dancing / after activities (if you know what I mean). When nearing the end of the dance make sure you start to lead the activities towards the ending that you desire. One good way to ensure that you have your timing right is to pick a point in the music and when this point happens start to lead towards your desired ending.

The hardest thing for me was taking that first step, but I found, once I committed to actually learning how to give a lap dance and watching my husband's reaction the first time, that giving a dance was much more powerful than people realise. Lap dancing will change your life forever and you will wonder why you didn't learn early. The only way to learn lap dancing from the privacy of your own home is by getting the right tools. Learning how to give lap dance will profoundly affect every aspect of your life.

Imagine killing those negative feelings you have about body forever and adopting a healthier, positive outlook on your body. Just think how it will feel when your man looks at you with total dedication... and you can see in his eyes how much he loves you.

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