Lap Dance Unleashed - 3 Mistakes When Giving a Lap Dance



A lot of ladies ask me, "How do I start my lap dance?"

Fact is, most women go wrong right from the start. Because a lap dance is fairly short, if you get the beginning wrong it'll be an uphill battle to get his arousal or interest back and impress him.

The 10 SECOND RULE. You have less than 10 seconds to make your first impression. In that 10 seconds you need to communicate a lot of information and set the tone.

You are giving him very powerful messages in body, posture, tone, your movements and expression.

So DO NOT: -Make excuses for yourself -Don't say things like "I've never done this before." -Don't tell him how NERVOUS you are -Etc...

These are just some of the mood killing, instant turn-offs that will ruin your lap dance.

When you're starting it is critical that you communicate a sensual powerful presence, show your power over him right away.

If you're not careful or not aware you could be communicating the wrong message or turn him off right from the start.


A lot of girls make the mistake of letting him have his way during the lap dance. After all, you're doing it for him, right? HUGE MISTAKE!

A lap dance is all about temporarily taking the power away from him (something new and foreign to most men) and putting him in a powerless, submissive position - for his ultimate benefit and enjoyment. RESULT - he'll love it - and associate those 'loving it' feelings to you.


You've got to know the rules, communicate the rules to him and then make him stick to them - no matter what.


When most ladies start moving to the music - it gets UGLY real fast. (Don't be one of them). That's because they move their hips like they're riding a galloping hippo!

You're hips are the key to triggering the arousal response in his mammalian brain. But your hips are also the key to TURNING OFF his arousal!

So don't pump your hips like you're in an exercise class or hip hop music video. You've got to learn to se~duce him with your hips. Ask yourself - what message are your hips giving him?

Your hips are the most powerful sensual tool in your bag of tricks - learn to move them properly - and you'll command his interest, his imagination and hypnotize him.


Adding language to your lap dance can increase the stimulation you're giving to him. BUT, say the wrong thing and you can destroy the chemistry and all the hard work you've done, just as fast.

What you say can either:

1) Heighten his sensation and arousal

2) OR, Destroy the chemistry - immediately

For example - what do effect do you think saying "I feel bloated" will have on him? Or, "Do I look ok?"

Learning some choice phrases and using them at the right time will DRIVE HIM CRAZY. You can be giving great sexy lap dances before the end of the day!

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