Lap Dance Lessons

So you've decided to totally blow your mans mind and are looking for lap dance ideas or to learn lap dance moves. Recently strip pole dance classes have become very popular due to it being a unique and new way to become fit. However, lap dancing lessons are much more centred around teasing him or learning how to seduce him / your partner. There are not very many ways that you can learn how to give lap dances. In reality, how many people are going to go and get strip club lap dances or go to a school to learn. Wouldn't you rather learn in the privacy of your own home?

The whole process is a lot of fun and part of the enjoyment is learning the process, practicing the moves, preparing the atmosphere, dressing up and preparing your routine. The whole time you are practicing in front of the mirror you are building your confidence. The whole process can be broken in to 7 parts.

1. Preparation - Which includes things like picking the music, creating the most appropriate atmosphere (no distractions from the kids hopefully), making your body look its hottest and dressing to highlight your features. I always like to further prepare by getting him picturing what is going to happen throughout the day. A quick phone call or SMS during the day accomplishes this very nicely.

2. Beginning with absolute confidence

3. Performing the 7 basic moves of lap dancing

4. Performing the 6 more advance moves of lap dancing

5. Remove your clothes seductively

6. End it all the way you want to and with total confidence

7. Putting it all together, now that you've learnt all the moves it’s time to put all the pieces together in a routine which will blow his mind and have him begging for more.

The hardest part about the whole process is to build up the confidence to take the first step and get the resources you need to start the process. Lap dance lessons are the resource you need to start. Without the right resources the whole process could end in disaster, usually this involves losing the mood and lots of laughter.

If your looking for the ultimate resource around and looking for resources like lap dance lessons videos or learn to lap dance videos. Then this lap dance lessons resource is exactly what you have been looking for.

Imagine killing those negative feelings you have about body forever and adopting a healthier, positive outlook on your body. Just think how it will feel when your man looks at you with total dedication... and you can see in his eyes how much he loves you.

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