How to Date Strippers & Pick up Strippers without Spending Money!

Below are few quick tips on how to date female strippers. One of the most important things is to always have the dominant frame in your conversation with female strippers.

Female strippers are used to having the control in the conversation. They talk about the topics and the guys listen and so forth.

Whenever a female stripper comes near to you, you need to convey her to do this and do that little by little. It can start little as just telling her to scoot over to the side and telling her to get you some water if she can.

Always take it to the next level. The moment you do that, the female stripper will recognize that you are an alpha male. And that is exactly what female strippers are really attracted to.

They are surrounded by beta males who oblige to their every move. This is the main reason you need to STAND OUT immediately. The quickest way to do that is to hold the dominant position in the interaction.

Here is another tip. Whenever you talk, try to change the topic. If she gets excited about a certain topic, change that particular topic immediately. This shows her that you are the boss and she is the follower.

Eventually, even the most alpha type of females will follow your lead and they will all like it.

Female strippers are different than most girls because they do not get to experience a dominant male very often. The reason is that most guys bend over backwards for most female strippers because of their physical beauty.

That is why by just being the dominating force in your interaction, you will quickly stand out and be perceived as a potential date instead of as the potential customer.

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