How to Give a Lap Dance without Looking Like a Fool - 4 Great Tips

Doing a lap dance for your boyfriend/husband is great for spicing up your relationship. If you're a bit nervous about it and you're wondering just how to give a lap dance that he'll always anticipate, check out these top tips that cover each factor from the right clothing to the most sensual moves.

• Music

Choose about two to three sexy songs that both of you enjoy. Go for smooth, seductive rhythms. Avoid picking songs with high pitched voices. A sensual beat will help ease your way in dancing smoothly in front of your partner.

It's best to select music that you feel comfortable with. Preparing more than one song avoids the need to rush. The first one will be for warm-up and you can tell your lover the rules, strut about and lead him to his chair.

• Clothing

Get an outfit that lets you feel sexy and enticing. You can wear something that's a particular fetish of your partner or you can experiment on your own. The key is to have several layers which are easily removable.

• Atmosphere

Create the perfect setting and ambiance. You can light some aromatic candles and dim the lights or also combine floor lamps with candle light.

Just be sure to avoid white LED lights or fluorescent lights since they're typically too bright and not conducive to a romantic atmosphere. There shouldn't be any distractions such as mobile phones and the space where you'll be dancing should be free of obstructions.

• Moves

Before anything else, an essential thing to remember on how to give a lap dance is to set out the boundaries. Be sure that your partner knows the rules that he can't touch you during the dance. Moreover, be confident and comfortable and enjoy the dance so your movements flow naturally.

You can start by alternating glances at him and your body, moving your hands across your body sensuously. Try some hip circles by moving towards him and leaning in closely so he can smell your perfume and then pulling away. Move your hips in a slow, circular motion and dance to the beat. You can do seductive floor moves, lap dance grind and sexy poses to build up excitement.

These factors on how to give a lap dance are quite important and useful to know. The most important thing is that both of you enjoy the moment so don't be nervous and let yourself take pleasure in the delight of giving your lover an exclusive lap dance performance.

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