How to Perform A Naked Lap Dance

Learning and understanding the secrets of exotic lap dancing is a fun and adventurous way to keep things sizzling and exciting in the bedroom. And you can even turn your exotic lap dance up a notch when performing it for your lover as a naked lap dance.

As raw and well... naked as a naked lap dance is and you would still need to start with all the bells and trimmings that come with performing a regular lap dance. Select your outfit carefully with the knowledge that it won't be long in to your routine before the whole thing has to come off. Wear a pair of sexy heels and choose stockings with a garter belt, sparkly nipple tassels and of course a naked lap dance is not complete without your body dusted in a shimmer of glitter.

A naked or nude lap dance is also greatly performed with a prop to assist with the tease, mystery and overall sexiness of your routine. The best props for this are either a large fan or fans that cover your body but are still easy to use or a feather boa that you can sexily wrap around all your sexy naked bits until your body is ready to be revealed.

Have your man wait in the centre of the room on the chair. Dim the lights and play the music. Make sure it's sexy, alluring and has a good beat so you can really get in to it.

If you are using a feather boa place it strategically across your body and then make a striking entrance as you strut your stuff towards him. Circle the chair and dangle the feathers in his face before cover your body again.

Place the feather boa over your shoulders and let it hang across your breasts. With your hands at your waist begin to grind your hips in circular motions with your legs spread wide apart. Keep looking directly at him and run your hands over your body then blow him a kiss.

Keep smiling and turn your back to him. Look back over one shoulder then still holding the feather boa let it drop from your shoulders to your hips. Open your legs and with your arms outward, begin to rotate your hips and rub the boa across your backside.

Stand with your legs together and lift the boa above your head. Twist your knees from side to side as your begin to twist down to your knees then back up again giving him a wonderful view of your naked back.

With the boa around your shoulders turn and around and reveal your naked body. Begin to circle your hips and run your hands over your breasts then place the boa between your legs. Touch your sweet spot with the feathers and give him a seductive look.

By now he should be going absolutely crazy! Walk over to him and straddle yourself over his legs. Put the feather boa behind his neck and begin to grind your body over his lap. Lean in and rub your breasts again his naked chest.

Stand back up again and place one knee on each of his thighs. Hold on to the back of chair to control your body weight then carefully slide down his torso and pull yourself up again. Finish your dance by lowering yourself in to his lap.

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