Tipping at Strip Clubs -Taking Care of the Staff

If you are heading out for a night at the strip clubs, you must be aware that you need to bring plenty of money to tip the dancers. But even frequent customers can forget that the dancers are not the only ones working for tips in such places.

The Doorman

This is an optional tip and you might as well forgo it if you do not visit strip clubs on regular basis. The doorman is well compensated and is not dependent on tips. On the other hand, if you head out to the strip clubs on a regular basis, you are making a mistake if you do not hand some green over to the doorman. He can see to it that you visit here at regular intervals and have a lot of power when it comes to giving out special passes and discounts and can generally do quite a few things that will add to your experience.

Waitresses and Bartenders

Few waitresses in strip clubs are dancers working a second gig in the same establishment. Others are full time waitresses. Either way around it, they are certainly working for tips in the same way that a server in a restaurant would be. Same is applicable for the bartender, if he is a separate entity. If you are ordering drinks directly from the bar, make sure you take care of the bartender. A well tipped bartender will usually make sure you get served properly and you may find that a few freebies get slid your way.

The DJ

Without music, strip clubs would be awkward and not a place of much fun. While it is not strictly necessary to tip the DJ, it shows your appreciation for the entertainment he is offering, which often goes well beyond spinning records. The DJ is often responsible for timing, dance planning and several other aspects of the entertainment package. Slip him some money at some point in the night and show that you recognize the job he is performing.

All strip clubs have their own rules and regulations and many have variations in the staff you will see when you walk in the door. Some establishments have strict rules as to who can accept tips, therefore, do not be offended or feel foolish if someone tells you they are not allowed to accept a gratuity. It is just that much more you can spend on a dance.

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