Strip Club Etiquette

If you are planning to visit strip club for the first time, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you visit a strip club. Like any other place, there are certain standards of behavior that you are expected to adhere to as a respectful person. Just because the female strippers are employed in adult business does not give you the right to act like a complete animal while attending their place of employment. The workers at erotic venues expect to be and should be treated with respect. Below are few things you should keep in mind when attending a strip club and we will review three of them in this blog.

The first thing you must keep in mind when attending an exotic venue or anywhere else for that matter is to watch what you drink. Although the club owners encourage drinking because they are making money when patrons are drinking. However, you must not get too drunk because when you drink too much alcohol, you tend to lose control of yourself and you usually end up doing something inappropriate or offensive to others. People think that because they are in a strip club "anything goes" and they can get as drunk as they want and not abide by any rules. This could not be further from the truth. When you drink too much, you have a tendency to forget the most important part of erotic entertainment etiquette, which is not over stepping your boundaries with the females employed by the strip club.

The females employed by the strip club are there to make money. It is their job, just like you have a job. Moreover, just because their job happens to be in the sex business, does not give you the right to treat them badly. One of the most important parts of this etiquette is to not offend the female employees by touching them inappropriately. They are there as strippers to strip and perform for your pleasure, not as prostitutes to have sex with you. A lot of patrons think that touching strippers in inappropriate places is okay and that this is what the female desire. They think that because the female is giving them a lap dance, it is OK for them to reach around and grab their breasts or touch their crotch. Just like any female, it is never OK reach out and grab their private parts.

The last part of strip club etiquette that we will review is to always tip the female strippers for their service. Most clubs do not pay the female strippers anything to work. They simply make money on tips. It is just like anything else. If you use the services of someone, that person should be compensated for their service. Female strippers are no different. Tip them well and you will certainly enjoy the show.

By following above mentioned few rules, you will ensure that your time spent at a strip club is pleasant for yourself and the female strippers employed at the venue.

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