Strip Clubs: Obeying the Unwritten Rules

Whether you are a regular visitor of strip clubs or are getting ready to visit for the first time, there are both some written and unwritten rules you should make it a point to follow. With the written rules, you don't have much of a choice. They will vary from club to club, but you should make it your business to know them. If you break one, you would either be told firmly to refrain or you may be ejected by a rather large and unfriendly bouncer. The unwritten rules are a bit different. You would not be asked to leave for violating any of these, but you will have a poorer time and you may be viewed as somewhat of a loser by the staff and patrons.

Pay Attention to Your Friends

If you are bringing some friends out to the strip clubs for the first time, make sure they are having a good time. Do not get so wrapped up in your entertainment that you forget about their presence. You may be old hat at this, but try to remember what your first trip to an adult entertainment establishment was like. It's a lot to take in for a first timer, so take it upon you to be their guide through what can be a wondrous journey. If you ask them to go a few weeks later and they decline, it could be because you failed to show them a good time.

Be Free With Your Tips

Yes, the dancers should be the primary recipients of your tip money, but you should make sure you brought enough to take care of everyone. The servers, the towel guy in the bathroom and even the DJ will be grateful if you remember them in your gratuities. The same is applicable for the bartender if you order drinks directly from him. Of course, this doesn't mean you should cheap out when it comes to tipping the dancers.

Don't Get Personal

This is a really difficult rule for many patrons to follow for some reason. Perhaps it's the atmosphere. Strip clubs cater to a certain fantasy. You can't just go into your local grocery store and expect that hot girl by the produce section to start dancing for your pleasure. A girl twice that hot, however, is doing just that down the street at the place lit up in neon. But she's working. And while you can "forget" about that for a while when you're getting a lap dance, it's important that you remember it on some level. Don't start pressuring her to tell you her real name, or provide you her phone number and so forth. She doesn't want to date you and you are making her uncomfortable.

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