Strip Club Basics - Taking Her to a Strip Club for the First Time

Whether your wife admits it aloud or not, going to a strip club is a brave step for her, therefore prepare her for a hot date! Both of you must dress nice and also encourage her dress sexy. Take her out for a nice dinner so that you can spend some romantic time with each other.

Most women that have never been to a strip club before have very distorted idea of what they are like and what happens out there. If your wife is going to the strip club for the first time make sure you take her to a classy one for her first experience. You can either take her to a topless club or full nudity, whichever one you think she would enjoy more. It is recommended that you do not take her to a club that allows floor work since that may be a little too provocative for her first time.

When you select a table, it is always a good idea to sit away from the main stage so that it won't feel as threatening. If the club has multiple stages, make sure your table still has a clear view of the female dancers performing on the main stage.

Even if there will be lots of bare, naked flesh all around, your main focus is to be a gentleman and make your wife the center of attention for the entire evening. She would be watching to see how you gaze at the females, therefore don't be a pig and let her see you drooling! That will only make her feel threatened and insecure. Let her know that you enjoy the eroticism of seeing her watch other women.

Women really do love to admire other women's beautiful bodies, therefore ask her what she likes. Ask her if there's a specific female that she would like to have a lap dance from. If she feels like it is too much, too soon, let her know that there does not have to be any touching or friction.

If you ask a lap dancer to give your wife a lap dance, always make sure to tell her that your wife likes her and specifically requested her. Without telling her, she might think that you will be the only one getting off on it. If she is aware that she is performing for your wife pleasure, she will be more sensual and respectful. It will also be extra flattering if you tell her that this is your wife's first experience receiving a lap dance. Make sure when she receives the lap dance that you focus on her. Let her see you smiling at her and not the lap dancer.

After the dance is over, tell her you were very turned on seeing her with another woman. Ask her if she enjoyed it. If she did, encourage her to get another one!

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