Do Not Sit in These Places in Topless Clubs

Below are the worst places to sit in a topless club to attract topless dancers:

1. NEAR A BACHELOR PARTY - There's just too many distractions while sitting here. It's very loud and all the men are acting therefore immature and like a bunch of animals. Beside these, the dancers are like vultures when they know a bachelor party is going on. They know the guys will be buying table dancers for the bachelor and this is how they make their money, therefore try to sit as far away as you can from a bachelor party. The only reason to sit next to this party is for voyeur purposes.

This atmosphere is just not conclusive for one-on-one encounters with the female dancers. You want her focused on you without a lot of distractions or her looking out of the corner of her eye on how she can capitalize on the bachelor party next to you.

2. THE MEN'S ROOM - This is another place you would like to avoid at all costs.

It is recommended to not sit next to the men's room! It may be great if you've got to go to the restroom a lot but it's not good for attracting the female dancers. This is a high traffic area for men and you want to be around women and not men. If you're sitting in this area it can be a distraction and also a lot of the men walking by may look or even flirt with the female dancer you're trying to get acquainted with. You certainly don't want any competition from other men. If the club is over-crowded and you get stuck sitting here, try to move to other area as soon as you find it. Ask your waitress to seat you in another area as soon as it is available. Alternate option would be to leave and visit another club nearby if this is the only place you will be able to sit.

3. NEAR THE BAR - There's just huge traffic actively going on in this area, therefore it is recommended that you not sit near the bar.

4. THE ENTRANCE – It is also recommended to not sit near the entrance of the club. There are huge traffic coming and going and therefore too many distractions. The female dancer you're with may even be checking out the guys that are coming in. In this case, if she sees somebody she knows; a regular customer she makes money with, current boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, etc., she will leave you to see this person and that's not good at all. Also, the men coming and going out the entrance may flirt with your female dancer, since you are sitting in a high traffic zone.

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