Five Basic Reasons People Will Not Buy Lap-Dances from You

If a female stripper is good at her craft, you will NEVER feel manipulated.

Generally, there are 5 basic reasons why people will not buy lap dances from you: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire and more important of all no trust. In the strip club environment, the word “no need” seems to be not true at all. This is the old days thought that we only purchase what we need. If this were true, then the economy wouldn't be in a credit crunch and someone making 30K per year wouldn't own a Hi Definition TV set that is 10% of his annual income.

No money can be a delicate subject here. Under some circumstances customers honestly don't have any or enough money. You can use all the tools in the world, but you can't manufacture money in some cases. In other cases though, it is the female stripper job to become an assistant buyer for the customer. The assistant buyer basically helps the client achieve what he wants. Client wants to go to VIP but he spent his limit on dances with other female before he comes across you. Well, as an assistant buyer its your job to devise a strategy to help him achieve what he wants. What I do is I negotiate a half hour instead of an hour or if he is non-alcoholic, I never force him to purchase a bottle of champagne. In other words, when I assist a client in deciding which VIP experience they want, I know that they want to join VIP more than they want the $200, $400, or $2000 it is going to cost them.

There is no need to be hurry and timing is of the essence in the strip club environment. Sometime, I missed sales because I got called to stage or for a feature and some other female walked in at the right time and stole my customer! Just kidding, I've never used this kind of lame excuse. I don't lose sales to other female. I lose sales because I don't create a sense of urgency to "buy now." I also realize that if I can't close a sale before I have to leave and some other female is able to close it during my absence...then it was never my sale to begin with.

The 4th reason people don't buy from you is no desire and they really do not want what you are trying to sell them. This has two connotations in the strip club environment. First is the contact connotation. Unfortunately, some clients just want the most bang for their buck and are looking for naughtier dancers. They don't have a desire for a no contact air dance. Other clients are looking for a pretty girl they can talk to who can make them feel special for a few hours, and they don't mind paying a premium for privacy. This is the product that I sell and these are the clients that buy from me. The second connotation is more literal. Some guys just aren't "strip club kind a guys" and they aren't interested in buying lap dances or going to VIP. This usually happens with bachelor and birthday parties: they came along to hang out with friends and be social, but they just aren't buyers.

The most important reason why people don't buy from you is No Trust. I have built some very long term relationships with my customers. Why? Because they do trust me. I never lie to them. They know that I am married and that I am not going to go home or to their hotel room with them after hours. And most importantly, they very well know that I am not going to swindle them as well.

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