Six Things to Consider When Booking a Stripper

Booking a stripper for a bachelor party has become a traditional part of the festivities, but if it is not done in the proper way then several things can go wrong. At best, there may be embarrassment if some boundaries are crossed. At worst, the police may be called. Therefore if you're planning to hire a stripper for a private party, below are few of the things to consider before making that online booking or picking up the phone.

1. Make sure that the guest of honor be offended if you hire a stripper for his bachelor party? Many grooms-to-be may not feel comfortable with a strip act or may be concerned that their soon-to-be wives may find out that there was a strip dancer at their stag party, so you must keep this in your mind before you book.

2. Who all are going to be part of this bachelor party? If you're planning to bring along the groom's seventeen-year-old brother, then you may want to rethink your plans. Apart from the fact that it is inappropriate, in many areas it is illegal for a dancer to strip in front of a minor.

3. How long in advance will you have to book? It is to be noted that some of the best strip dancers are in high demand for private parties and may have full schedules weeks or even months in advance.

4. If you are considering hiring a female stripper based just on her photo on a website, be careful since these can easily be 'Photoshopped' and may not really reflect how the female stripper really looks. Try to find out the place where the dancers perform regularly and do watch their original act before making a final decision, In this way you will be able to know what they look like as well as how they dance and perform.

5. Read the female strippers rules carefully to ensure that you are comfortable with the boundaries that she has set. Remember, each female stripper usually has her own set of rules with her own dos and don'ts, therefore it is recommended to pick the ones that you feel most comfortable with.

6. Also ask if the girl is willing to give lap dance performance or is simply going to perform. Not all strip artists do lap dances; therefore if you want to give the guest of honor a lap dance you may want to consider lap dancers who specialise in these types of dances.

If you adhere to these guidelines, then you will not face any problems when you hire a stripper, and the guest of honor will surely have a bachelor party to remember.

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